Monday, November 7, 2011

A Little Fiction

I've always wanted to write a book, who hasn't.  After a couple years of kicking around several different ideas, I decided to actually do it.  It was fun developing characters and a plot.  Although the book is fiction,I was surprised how often, while writing, I thought of the people I've met and the experiences I've had in nearly forty years of gymnastics.  My original intent was a small little book that we could pass around the family.  Maybe my grandkids would read it some day.  When it was finished, I showed it to one of my gymnasts who is an avid reader.  She liked it and asked me if I was going to publish it.  My first question was "is it any good?"  And, my second was "do you think I should?"  She said "yes", so I did.  (Thank you Megan!)

Here's the description:

When a successful gymnastics coach from Tulsa retires early and moves to a small town in the lake country of northeast Oklahoma, he’s surprised by what he finds there.  Mike Corrigan had planned a semi-retired life at the lake, but those plans and his life will be changed forever by the people of Prairie Falls.  A story about an old passion lost running head-on into a young passion on the threshold of greatness.  This accident, a chance meeting at the local bakery, is the catalyst for the formation of friendships and relationships among the many characters of “The Falls” and its newest citizen.  In this, the first book in THE COACH series, you’ll meet Kathy and Ann, two elderly ladies, the busy-body ambassadors of the town, John McIntosh, a reverend from the local church, sisters Ruth and Gloria, the first who owns the bakery and the second who owns the diner and Sally, the Pollyanna of Prairie Falls, whose love of gymnastics not accidently collides with the retired coach over coffee and a cinnamon roll at the Best of the Morning Bakery.  With unbridled energy, Sally was pursuing what many believed was an impossible dream, until the day she read the sleeve of Mike’s t-shirt.

Written by Mark Folger

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