Friday, August 13, 2010

Hall of Fame

I just got back from the Hall of Fame luncheon at USA Gymnastics Congress and three things mentioned from the inductees have stuck in my mind.

Kip Simons admitted he was a little trouble for his coaches Miles Avery and Peter Kormann and then immediately thanked them for not giving up on him.  See "Never Give Up on a Child", April 12, 2010 on this blogsite.  Although Kip was no child while at Ohio State, it seems his coaches had reason to give up on him, but choose not to.  Now, he's in the Hall of Fame.  That's the HALL OF FAME!!  A place where your name is put to stay forever and ever.

Kevin Mazeika mentioned that much of what he learned about coaching he learned from his father.  His father was not a gymnastics coach.  See "Mother's Day and what My Parents Taught Me About Coaching", May 9, 2010 on this blogsite.  It seems, if we are willing to listen, much can be learned from good teachers, good parents and good people.

Dominique Moceanu was thankful that participation in sports gave her opportunities to make a difference in the world.  See "Hidden Opportunities in Youth Sports" from this blogsite, March 17, 2010.

All of the inductees are exceptional athletes and/or coaches.  Although all had significant accomplishments to talk about, the speakers focused on comraderie among teammates and coaches, their families, and the friendships they formed along their journey to greatness.  Accomplishments create great memories, but frienships travel with you throughout life.  All of us, no matter what level of sport participation we enjoy, can reap those same rewards.

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